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[vc_column_text]Are we the cheapest way to go?  Probably not.

The fancy-pantsiest? Nope.

But are we an affordable concierge travel company? Absolutely!

Because how many travel agencies pick you up in person at the airport?  Ride in the shuttle with you?  Are a few minutes away? Make recommendations for great restaurants based on their experience? Can have genius conversations over meals with you about love, dating and relationships?  Plus have the cutest dog on the planet to hang out with?

Well, we are the only ones we know. 🙂[/vc_column_text]

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Kira Sabin and Daniel Bladl are the masterminds behind LOAS Travel. This photo of us was taken on one of our favorite beaches in Costa Rica.

We believe that travel changes your life.  Exploring new places, people, food, wildlife and  cultures creates a richer and better version of ourselves.

We also understand that it can be scary and overwhelming to travel alone.  All of the unknowns, possible language barriers and safety concerns can keep even those with the will to wander at home.

We are changing that right here, right now.

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Robin, NYC
“Kira made it blissfully easy to see a part of the world I probably wouldn’t have visited on my own. From the payment plans to the Facebook group down to the gorgeous villa we luxuriated in, all I had to do was show up and give myself to the process. Easiest vacation ever!”
Diane, OH
“Going to Costa Rica was exactly what I needed and was looking for as my first international trip and solo nonetheless. I loved connecting with the other ladies ahead of time, having someone else coordinate lodging and activities, and being given a “must-have” list. It allowed me to focus on shopping for items, scheduling travel and relax knowing I didn’t have to worry about every single detail other than “be ready to go at this time.”
I’m looking forward to the singles travel edition. While having the freedom to choose activities or to relax, I know I’ll appreciate heads up knowledge about the location as well as having a contact in case I have questions or an emergency.”
Rane, TX

“I absolutely loved going to Mexico with Kira!  Kira’s authenticity, personality and coaching drew me in, not to mention her class on fear which resonated through me on every level!  I learned so much about myself on this trip, while meeting amazing ladies and making new lifelong friends all over the world. The trip was so well planned out and just the right amount of coaching and fun!!  Every woman deserves to treat themselves to the heart and soul filling experience of a women’s retreat. “

Jamie, NYC

“Kira made traveling to a foreign country less scary and über exciting and luxurious. I literally felt like a new woman once I arrived in Italy – one with her big girl pants on. 😉 I’d been dreaming about going to Italy for the longest time, but as a single woman without tons of friends with the budget to travel, I was SOL for years. Kira’s direction and guidance finally made my travel dreams possible. Thank you, Kira!”

Allice, SD

“I had a fantastic time exploring less-traveled roads with Kira and our small group in Costa Rica. As a single gal, this wasn’t something I would have taken on by myself, but Kira knows the area, took care of ALL the details and made it a fun, stress-less trip. It opened my eyes to traveling more of the world…You don’t want to miss the opportunity to travel with LOAS Travel!”

Jo, WI

“After my divorce, I thought I might not ever travel the world again, because I didn’t have anyone to travel with (and where’s the fun in that?).  I went on the  LOAS trip to Costa Rica as a whim, as a way to prove to myself that my adventures weren’t over yet.  It was a transformational week.  I felt so safe and tended to, despite being in a place entirely new to me where I didn’t speak the language.  If there was something I needed, Kira made it happen or helped me to make it happen myself.  

I made memories that will last a lifetime.  I think I made friends that might last a lifetime, too — it was a little scary, knowing that I was going to spend a week traveling with 12 strangers, but we seriously bonded.  That trip proved to me that I was bigger than my fears said I was, that there was plenty of adventure left ahead of me.  It won’t be my last LOAS trip.”
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Safe and Sound

We fully understand the worry, stress, and straight up freak-out that can go along with traveling by yourself.  We do all the pre-sleuthing and back-end vetting to make your trip comfortable and stress free, so the only thing you’ll have to worry about is having an incredible life-changing experience.

The moment we pick you up at the airport we will be in range to answer your questions and check-in if you need us.


You will receive a cellphone to use to make local calls to us, or to use in case of an emergency.

We will hook you up with vetted drivers in case you need to go anywhere.

We do everything in our power to make you feel safe and sound while you’re on one of our trips. We vet the hotels, drivers, tour companies, shopping and recreation areas. We will make sure you are well informed about where to go – and where not to go. If you stick to our suggestions, you will rest easy while you’re with LOAS.


EVERYTHING you could possibly need to know

Whether you are a seasoned traveler, or have never left your country, we are going to take you step by step through the travel process.

We’ll help you find a great ticket (if you need help), pick the right tours, and give you all the scoops on how to keep in contact back home. Some of the other info we’ll share includes how and what to pack, favorite restaurants (we’ll even recommend some dishes you can’t miss), our favorite secret spots and more.

You will know all of the things…


Conversation and coaching

LOAS Travel is co-owned and operated by a life coach, so hell if I am not giving you the option to talk things out when you are in foreign country with me!

You’ll have the option to join Kira and Daniel for a meal or two to discuss everything from your love life to what you are learning on the trip. We will also have opportunities for smart group conversations, laughter and fun!

You will also have the option to add on some discounted coaching sessions if you are interested in digging in on some stuff while you are down there.


Connecting with other incredible women!
[vc_column_text]Especially when you hit over 30, it can be tough to find other awesome single ladies.  Or maybe any friends at all if you are really trying to work on yourself.

My point?  Everyone can benefit from meeting and hanging out with other incredible women from around the world.  You can bond as much or as little as you want to.  That is completely up to you![/vc_column_text]