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What is the difference between retreats and singles travel weeks?
[vc_column_text]Retreats have a few different goals.  

a) Self-work – we spend a few hours in smart conversations (with some awesome coaching) about love, dating and relationships.  Why you are not getting what you want in the world and how to start changing that.

b) Adventure – afternoons are usually spent on tours together exploring the best the area has to offer.

c) Foodie awesomeness – tasting and experiencing food of the region is one of the best parts!  Our lunches and dinners will be spent together having smart conversations about the day, laughing and enjoying the best flavors over the country!

Ultimately, it is much more of a group experience.  You will be learning, exploring, relaxing but also very much working on yourself.

Singles travel weeks are a much looser, curated experience tailored around you.

You are on your own with the safety of us helping you plan your week and being around if you need help with anything.  You will get a chance to meet, room and bond with other single ladies who are at the same hotel for the week if you want to or you can really just make it all about you.  The experience is completely up to you!

You will have the option to share a couple of meals with Kira and Danny to have some bigger conversations (I mean, this is being run by life coach) but if you want the week to be about you, your book and the location…that is totally up to you.[/vc_column_text]

What is the difference between the budget and luxury trips?
[vc_column_text]In a word?  Accommodations.

Hotel Indalo (our budget option) is an awesome boutique hotel on the outskirts of Puerto Viejo.  You can easily walk to restaurants, stores and even the beach.  It has a white, clean European feel (because the owners are from Spain) and even air-conditioning.  Which is a luxury on this side of Costa Rica.

It includes: An extensive garden and free Wi-Fi, a desk, wardrobe, a terrace and a private bathroom with shower.

It is a great budget hotel because we do not hook our ladies with anything less than great!

Le Cameleon (our luxury option) is the nicest hotel on the Southern Caribbean side.  It offers upscale beach accommodations within the tropical forest of Puerto Viejo, Limon. The 23 Rooms sit around the pool surrounded by lush tropical gardens, across the street from its Beach Club.

All the rooms feature A/C, Satellite TV, WiFi, Rain Shower, Mini Bar, phone, Ipod, Iphone docking station and Yes Rocher amenities.

Should you prefer to hang around the hotel, they offer private yoga classes, Spa treatments in their ‘tree-house’ Spa, Nunu gastronomic restaurant, lap pool and cool water Jacuzzi, reading/lounging areas surrounded by wildlife and, of course, La Sula Sea Lounge with its day-beds, hammocks, lounge chairs, bar and restaurant service right on Cocles Beach.

So that sucks, right?

Look at the photo gallery above to get an idea of which option is right for you.[/vc_column_text]

Why do I need travel insurance?

Because life happens.

A few years ago, Kira’s dad got sick and she lost about $3,000 in travel, including flights, hotels, and a cruise. If she had purchased travel insurance for about $100, she would have gotten a majority of it back.

We want to make sure you are fully taken care of on this trip, and if you lose your luggage, get sick, or even have to cancel, travel insurance can cover many elements

You must provide proof of your travel insurance before you join us on the trip.


What if I am not happy with my weight and worry about travel?

Here is the truth, right from Kira:

I am a plus size women on my own health journey.  Everyone has a struggle; this is mine.  But I made a promise to myself a long time ago: wherever I am with my health and my weight, I would never let that hold me back from seeing the world and going after my passions.

If you are also weight challenged, 🙂 just let us know.  We will make sure you have all of the proper info for tours and more!

Don’t let that hold you back from your dreams!


Can I bring a friend along?


In fact, if you have a friend, and the two of you don’t mind sharing a space, ask us about the Friend’s Discount!

If your friend is not single (in a long-term relationship or married) we ask that you come together on the All the Ladies Week!


What exactly clarifies ``single``?

This is such a grey area, and we aren’t going to be sticklers about it.

The most important thing is that you are a woman who wants to have a safe travel experience while traveling alone.

We created this because Kira works with singles, and she’s seen how hard it can be to travel to cool places when you’re single.

We think there is power traveling by yourself and/or with other women.

If you are married, or in a long-term relationship, we would love you to travel with us!  We just ask that you join us on the week we’ve set aside for ALL the Ladies.


What is your cancellation policy?

Depending on your trip choice, the date and details of your cancellation policy will be a little different, but the policy will be spelled out COMPLETELY in your contract, and we encourage you to comb over word by word.

But here are some basics.

Once you sign-up for a retreat/trip, pay your deposit, and sign your contract, you have officially bought a non-refundable seat for that retreat/trip. 

Just like a ticket for a Beyonce concert. 

Every retreat Kira has run in the past has sold out, and we limit the number of spots available on our trips and retreats so that we can give all of our travelers the best possible attention. Once you’ve paid your deposit, you have purchased one of a limited number of spots.  That means, whether you end up going or not, you are responsible to pay for that spot.

If a really, really good reason comes up, and you can not come to the retreat or trip, you are STILL responsible for paying for that seat.  You can’t email Beyonce and tell her you can’t come to her concert for a really, really good reason, and can you get your money back.  It doesn’t work like that, does it?  Nope; it doesn’t work for Queen Bey, and it doesn’t work like that here either:)

As you know, if you can’t go to that Beyonce concert you can find someone to buy your ticket, and that can happen here too.  One caveat: the person you find to buy your space in an LOAS trip or retreat must fit the criteria of the retreat or trip (ex. single, over 21, etc.).  We will also do our best to market and fill your spot, but will not make ANY guarantee that will happen.

However, if it is an last minute emergency, this is exactly why you get travel insurance.


What is Costa Rica really like?

We are heading over to the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica, which is one of our favorite places on earth!

Puerto Viejo and the surrounding areas are one-part caribbean + one-part expat international hippie, and one-part Tico (Costa Rican).  It is VERY laid-back, and more rustic than lots of the country.  You will not find any fast food, or restaurants you have heard of. Instead, there are tons of vegan and vegetarian restaurants, and fresh restaurants where they prepare the catch of the day with amazing rice and beans.  Lots of places don’t have windows, or even screens; they are one with the rainforest, ocean, and wildlife outside their door.

Much of the area is still untouched with a national park nearby, stretches of beautiful ocean and beaches, and incredible wildlife.  The tours are the best we’ve seen, and there is so much to do no matter what kind of experience you want to have. 

This is definitely not all-inclusive resort territory.  Our luxury option is by far the nicest hotel on the Caribbean side, but overall, this area of Costa Rica is not super-fancy like resorts, nor are they trying to be.  It is very laid back, calm and real.


How much will my food cost in Costa Rica?

First of all, there are TONS of amazing foods and restaurants in this region.  Even though we are going to a village, there are restaurants all around with whatever kind of food you might be looking for.

So, if you are going on a single travel experience, it is really what you want!

Breakfast is free everywhere you are staying, so you can definitely take advantage of that.  Also, many of the longer tours offer a meal.

There are numerous grocery stores within walking distance of Hotel Indalo where you can pick up some snacks for your room. Just remember: there is not a microwave or a refrigerator like in most American hotels.  Plus, items that are not well packaged attract bugs. 🙂

The rule of thumb to follow is that food is cheap if you eat like a Costa Rican, and not like an American.  Local fresh fruit is delicious and ridiculously cheap.  Local cafes (called sodas) are a great place to get delicious local casados, which are usually a good portion for a good price.  Casados are made up of a protein of your choice, gallo pinto (rice and beans), sweet plantains, and a small salad.  You can find them for about $7.

Most restaurants, that are selling more American/International fare are going to be more like American prices.  One of our favorite places for breakfast/lunch is going to serve you a gorgeous, filling plate of food for about $7-12.

If you are trying to be thrifty, you can always bring your favorite bars with you.

You can have whatever food experience you want in Costa Rica!


What if I have dietary restrictions and allergies?

The Caribbean side of Costa Rica is pretty darn friendly to those who are gluten-free (GF), dairy-free (DF) or vegetarian (V).

However, if you are quite sensitive or allergic, it’s going to be hard.

There are places offering GF, DF and V options, but they are not likely to be as strict as they might be in other countries.  And asking the chef to alter will not be appreciated.  At all.

Basically, there are no guarantees.  Just something to keep in mind.


What if I don't see the right trip for me on the dates I have available?
[vc_column_text]Then talk to us!  Depending on what you are needing, we might be able to make it work.  Doesn’t hurt to ask. 🙂

Have a group of ladies already?  We can find the right date and location for your group, and do it up right!

Have a few friends who want some coaching too?  We can create a mini retreat.  The world is ours!

Talk to us.[/vc_column_text]


Have a question not answered here?  Contact us!


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