On Saturday, you will fly in to San Jose and be picked up at the airport by these crazy kids!  We will have a fancy sign with your name on it.Relax as we wait for the others to join us at our cool modern hotel in San JoseThe budget version has a shared room with two queen size beds (optional easy upgrade)Sunday morning, we will drive to Puerto Viejo as a the rustic, laid back, hippie town of Puerto Viejo.Hotel Indalo is our budget option on the edge of Puerto Viejo. Close to everything!You will get your own clean, modern room with free wi and air conditioning!  Trust us, you will want it. :)You can even sit outside and watch for wildlife.They also have free breakfast for you every morning!Our luxury option is the boutique beach hotel Le Cameleon.The rooms are white and gorgeous.  With anything that you need!And did we mention that they regularly change up the accents colors of the hotel and in your room!  Too cool!You can grab your favorite book and relax by the poolor head down to the ocean.  They bring you drinks there too!Right next to the beach is their new bar/restaurant.  Looks awful, right?You can even just relax in the evening, listening to sounds of the ocean and jungle.You can spend your days doing amazing tours like zip line!And the cool tour on a cacao (chocolate) plantation where you get to tastes chocolate with different flavors...on a mountain!My favorite tour in CR!  The Jaguar Rescue Center Sanctuary where you get to meet baby monkeys.You could also go kayakingor snorkelingor horseback riding!Puerto Viejo has TONS of incredible restaurants like my favorite lunch spot...Bread and Chocolate.And Koki Beach has an incredible menu and views.You can even try a traditional Casado.  Beans, rice, fruit, fish, plantains and salad.And afternoon treats can be had at the local ice cream bar where they have coconut ice cream!Your new best friends that will be hanging out.  This guyand this guy!Come join us for the trip of a lifetime!

All the Ladies in Costa Rica!

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deposit to hold your space


March 4th – 11th, 2017

Grab a friend (or a few) and join us in Costa Rica!

The sloth is our spirit animal and Costa Rica our paradise.  We (Daniel and Kira) have been to Costa Rica three times to prepare for this trip. (it was pure torture) 🙂 We will be there for three months and can’t wait to have you join us to experience the animals, adventure and beaches that are Costa Rica.


Puerto Viejo and the surrounding areas are one-part caribbean + one-part expat international hippie, and one-part Tico (Costa Rican).  It is VERY laid-back, and more rustic than lots of the country.  You will not find any fast food, or restaurants you have heard of. Instead, there are tons of healthy and vegetarian restaurants, and fresh restaurants where they prepare the catch of the day with amazing rice and beans.  Lots of places don’t have windows, or even screens; they are one with the rainforest, ocean, and wildlife outside their door.

Much of the area is still untouched with a national park nearby, stretches of beautiful ocean and beaches, and incredible wildlife.  The tours are the best we’ve seen, and there is so much to do no matter what kind of experience you want to have. 

How this works:

You fly into San Jose on Saturday.  We meet you at the airport with a sign like the fancy people do, and get you to the hotel to rest, relax and get ready for your holiday.  You will be met with a gift basket, your itinerary for the week, and some surprises. 🙂

The next day you and the rest of the ladies will jump in a shuttle with us, and head over to Puerto Viejo. We’ll help you check into the hotel, give you a phone for local calls, and make sure you are feeling comfortable.

The rest of the week is yours to relax, explore, and enjoy the area.  Any tours you booked through us will pick you up and drop you off at the hotel. We will check in with you throughout the week, and we’ll even invite you to join us for a meal or two.  You can participate as much or as little as you want.

Early Bird Price: Budget option:  $1297

Early Bird Price:  Luxury option: $1797

(prices go up $100 on October 1st!)

Have a friend you are open to sharing a room with?  Talk to us about our discounted friend rates!

<<  Double click pictures to check out tours, locations and experiences where you will be hanging out all week!

Claim your spot with $350 deposit by adding trip to the cart!  Payment plans available!


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  • Hotel room for two nights San Jose for before and after the retreat (shared for budget accommodation)
  • Five nights at a hotel in Puerto Viejo.
  • All breakfasts
  • Shuttle to and from Puerto Viejo
  • Jaguar Rescue Center Tour
  • Gift basket full of love:)
  • A cellphone to reach us throughout the week
  • All of our knowledge!  You will get a LOAS Travel Virtual Guidebook full of favorite restaurants, secret beaches, must dos and more!


  • Flight to and from San Jose, CR
  • All lunches and dinners (unless included with a tour)
  • Travel Insurance (not optional)
  • Local transportation (however, we will hook you up wth our guy. :)


What is the difference between the budget and luxury options?

In a word?  Accommodations.

Hotel Indalo (budget option) is an awesome boutique hotel on the outskirts of Puerto Viejo.  You can easily walk to restaurants, stores, and even the beach.  It has a white, clean European feel (because the owners are from Spain) and even has air-conditioning, which is a luxury on this side of Costa Rica.

It includes: An extensive garden, terrace, free Wi-Fi, a desk, wardrobe, , and a private bathroom with shower.

It is a great budget hotel, because we do not hook our ladies with anything less than great!

Le Cameleon (luxury option) is the nicest hotel on the Southern Caribbean side of the island.  It offers upscale beach accommodations within the tropical forest of Puerto Viejo, Limon. The 23 rooms sit around the pool, surrounded by lush tropical gardens, and across the street from its beach club.

All the rooms feature A/C, satellite TV, WiFi, rain shower, mini bar, phone, iPod, iPhone docking station, and Yes Rocher amenities.

Should you prefer to hang around the hotel, they offer private yoga classes, treatments in their ‘tree-house’ spa, Nunu gastronomic restaurant, lap pool and cool water Jacuzzi, reading/lounging areas surrounded by wildlife and, of course, the beautiful La Sula Sea Lounge with its day-beds, hammocks, lounge chairs, bar and restaurant service right on Cocles Beach.

So that sucks, right?

Look at the photo gallery above to get an idea of which option is right for you.


What happens when I put down my deposit?

Once you put down your deposit we will contact you, and you will pick out the week you want to join us, and the experience you want (budget or luxury).

Next, we will send you a contract, and set-up your payment plan.  Once that is signed, you are in!

You can then expect an awesome little gift in the mail, because who doesn’t like presents?

We will then work with you over the next few months to set-up your tours and help you create the experience you want to have.  Want a surfing lesson?  A cooking class? A night tour through the rainforest?  We will help you create the Costa Rican experience of your dreams.  Whether you are choosing the budget or luxury option.


I'm not sure I can afford this...

Here is the deal. We tow the line between super-nice and super-affordable (our friends think we are selling our soul and first born) and the sooner you sign-up the better.

Basically, if you get your cute butt to San Jose, and bring money for food and souvenirs…you’re good.

Plus, if you sign-up early, you can set-up a four month payment plan to make it do-able.

So if you want to do this, let’s do it!  No excuses!


What if I don't like the way I look in a swimsuit?

Kira talking here: I am not too excited about how I look in a swimsuit , but does that mean we should stop our lives and wait to do things we want to do?  Not on my watch, hot pants.

Dude, this trip is all women, a wonderfully supportive atmosphere, and we could care less about your cellulite.  Awesomeness doesn’t live in judgment and fear.


What's the difference between the retreat and single travel weeks?

Retreats have a few different goals. 

a) Self-work – We spend a few hours each day in smart conversations (with some awesome coaching) about love, dating, and relationships.  We’ll be talking about why you are not getting what you want in the world and how to start changing that.

b) Adventure – Afternoons are usually spent on tours exploring the best the area has to offer.

c) Foodie awesomeness – Tasting and experiencing food of the region is one of the best parts of these trips!  Our lunches and dinners will be spent together having smart conversations about the day, laughing, and enjoying the best flavors over the country!

Ultimately, the retreats is much more of a group experience.  You will be learning, exploring, relaxing, but also spending a good chunk of time working on yourself.

Singles travel weeks are a much looser, curated experience tailored around you.

You are on your own, but we’re there to help you plan your week, and we’ll be around if you have questions or need help with anything.  If you’d like, you’ll have the chance to meet and bond with other single ladies at the same hotel for the week. Or you can really just make it all about you.  The experience is completely up to you!

You will have the option to have some bigger conversations at a couple of shared meals  (I mean, Kira IS a life coach…), but if you want the week to be about you, your book, and the location…that is totally up to you.