On Saturday, you will fly in to San Jose and be picked up at the airport by these crazy kids!  We will have a fancy sign with your name on it.Relax as we wait for the others to join us at our cool modern hotel in San JoseSunday morning, we will drive to Puerto Viejo as a group.to the rustic, laid back, hippie town of Puerto Viejo.We will drive up to here...you will be so excited you might pee your pants!You don't even need to check-in...we have you covered.Our hotel is all white and changes the accent colors daily around the resort and in your room.The breakfast lounge where we will be drinking local coffee and eating fresh fruit off the tree.We will drink, laugh and talk in this lounge area.You can just hang out and have smart conversations.More lounge area to hang out and relaxDuring downtime grab your favorite book and sit by the pool!Just another place to relax...The new restaurant/bar at the beach from the hotel to relax at...There new beach bar/restaurant where we will be relaxing...At the end of the day we can relax by the pool and talkBeach loungers just for you where they bring you your drinks...My favorite place for lunch...Bread and  ChocolateAnother incredible restaurant we will be heading toYou can even try a traditional Casado.  Beans, rice, fruit, fish, plantains and salad.And afternoon treats can be had at the local ice cream bar where they have coconut ice cream!Oh hell yeah we are going zip lining...We are going to a cacao (chocolate!) plantation where you will get to taste different chocolate flavors...on a mountain!My favorite tour in CR!  The Jaguar Rescue Center Sanctuary where you get to meet baby monkeys.Your new best friends that will be hanging out.  This guyand this guy!

No Monkey (or feelings) Left Behind Costa Rica Retreat

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FEBRUARY 4TH – 11th, 2017


If you like monkeys, chocolate, beaches, sloths, mangoes, the jungle, luxury hotels, and the smartest conversations about love that ever existed, this retreat is for you!

You’ll have eight days/seven nights to explore Costa Rica and the Caribbean Coast with life coach Kira Sabin and 11 other single women.  Most mornings will be spent at our boutique beach hotel talking as a group about where we are feeling stuck in life and love, and the afternoons will be spent on tours exploring this stunning country.  Finally, we wrap up every evening at a gorgeous restaurant with cocktails (if you are in to that) and dinner where we’ll try all kinds of amazing food that Costa Rica has to offer.


Puerto Viejo and the surrounding areas are one-part caribbean + one-part expat international hippie, and one-part Tico (Costa Rican).  It is VERY laid-back, and more rustic than lots of the island.  You will not find any fast food, or restaurants you have heard of. Instead, there are tons of vegan and vegetarian restaurants, and fresh restaurants where they prepare the catch of the day with amazing rice and beans.  Lots of places don’t have windows, or even screens; they are one with the rainforest, ocean, and wildlife outside their door.

Of course, not our hotel.  It is the nicest one on the coast.  Our hotel has air-conditioning, 32 inch satellite plasma t.v., wifi, iPod docking station, minibar and digital safe.

Early bird Price: Double Room $1650 

Early Bird Price:  Single Room $2000

(prices go up $100 on October 1st!)

Claim your spot with $350 deposit by adding trip to the cart!  

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  • Hotel room for two nights in San Jose for before and after the retreat.
  • Five nights at boutique beach hotel in Puerto Viejo.
  • All breakfasts
  • Shuttle to and from Puerto Viejo
  • Jaguar Rescue Center Tour
  • Hours of group coaching and genius with Kira
  • Zip Line Tour
  • Cacao plantation tour
  • Costa Rican cooking class with incredible local woman
  • Gift basket full of love:)


  • Flight to and from San Jose, CR
  • Most lunches and dinners
  • Travel Insurance (not optional)


[vc_column_text]*You are a kick-ass single lady who is ready to work on your stuff to create a better relationship.

*You have read over my site and/or listened to my podcast and I am your kind of awesome.

*You are ok with bugs and wildlife because they are hanging out everywhere.

*You live for good food and could pretty much sustain yourself on fish, fruit and rice and beans for a whole week.

*You like your relaxation with a side of fun!

*You love 80s references from stellar movies like The Princess Bride and The Goonies.

*You are mildly ridiculous or appreciate that I am mildly ridiculous.

*You are always up for a really, really good adventure.

*You don’t take shit too seriously….because life is too short to take shit too seriously.

*You don’t mind swearbears.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space]



I'm not sure I can afford this...
[vc_column_text]Here is the deal.  I toe the line between super nice and super affordable (my coach friends think I am selling my soul and first born) and the sooner you sign-up the better.

Basically, if you get your cute butt to San Jose and bring money for food and souvenirs…you’re good.

Plus, if you sign-up early, you can set-up a four month payment plan to make it do-able.

So if you want to do this, let’s do it!  No excuses![/vc_column_text]

What if I don't like the way I look in a swimsuit?
[vc_column_text]I am not too excited either, but does that mean we stop our lives and don’t do things we want to do?  Not on my watch, hot pants.

Dude. this is all women, a wonderfully supportive atmosphere and we could care less about your cellulite.  Awesomeness doesn’t live in judgment and fear.[/vc_column_text]

What if I sign-up now but start dating someone, is this still a fit for me?
[vc_column_text]Hell yeah, you will.  

This retreat is not just about dating, it is about you.  You, feeling great and making yourself more awesome for your future or current stud.  They will actually thank you when you come back refreshed and knowing how to be even better in your relationship.  You will be so excited it will be contagious.  Kind of like crabs.

OH WAIT, NOT QUITE LIKE THAT 🙂[/vc_column_text]

What's the difference between the retreat and single travel weeks?

Retreats have a few different goals. 

a) Self-work – We spend a few hours each day in smart conversations (with some awesome coaching) about love, dating, and relationships.  We’ll be talking about why you are not getting what you want in the world and how to start changing that.

b) Adventure – Afternoons are usually spent on tours exploring the best the area has to offer.

c) Foodie awesomeness – Tasting and experiencing food of the region is one of the best parts of these trips!  Our lunches and dinners will be spent together having smart conversations about the day, laughing, and enjoying the best flavors over the country!

Ultimately, the retreat is much more of a group experience.  You will be learning, exploring, relaxing, but also spending a good chunk of time working on yourself.

Singles travel weeks are a much looser, curated experience tailored around you.

You are on your own, but we’re there to help you plan your week, and we’ll be around if you have questions or need help with anything.  If you’d like, you’ll have the chance to meet and bond with other single ladies at the same hotel for the week. Or you can really just make it all about you.  The experience is completely up to you!

You will have the option to have some bigger conversations at a couple of shared meals  (I mean, Kira IS a life coach…), but if you want the week to be about you, your book, and the location…that is totally up to you.


Will I be expected to share and be all emo and shit?

Yup, that is the whole point of this.  To challenge yourself, explore, learn and walk away a better person.