What happened when I stepped out of my comfort zone

What happened when I stepped out of my comfort zone


Nothing seems to make me more introspective than an airport.

People watching.  The buzz of excitement of either leaving for an adventure or heading home.

Putting on deep thought music, it allows me to reflect on where I have been, or more importantly, where I want to go from here.

Yes, the easy answer to that is always Italy for me, but I am meaning the fancy pantsy symbolic version….


After three weeks in Costa Rica, listening to the ocean, seeing colors in nature that I had barely believed existed in real life and running my first retreat pretty darn successfully, I have some hope.  For me, my life and this business.

Let’s have a little true confession moment, shall we?

I have no idea what I am doing a good 73% of the time. Especially when it comes to this business.  Yes, I know what the fuck I am doing as a life coach for singles.  I am awesome at that shit.  I work my ass off to be great at that shit and it works.  But getting clients, marketing, social media, pr and everything to me is like the fire swamp.  I have zero clue whether or not flame spurts, lightning sand or ROUSs (Rodents of Unusual Size) are around the corner.


I love that people look at my site and facebook and think I have shit figured out.  It makes me laugh.  Hard.

This retreat I just finished was 1000% out of my comfort zone.  I knew I could talk about love and relationships for three months straight, but planning travel, meals, tours and everything in between for ten women gave me the freak-outs.

In fact, as I was in the final planning phases with my friend David, who was cooking for us at the retreat, I repeated multiple times “I can’t pull this shit off!  What the fuck was I thinking?”

But by the end of it.  Seeing the women share openly, hug, swear, clearly care about each other and have some new positive perspectives, I just kind of breathed out.  Smiled.


I did something that I had no idea I could do.

That is not only completely out of my comfort zone, but even my natural skills set.

And then something else flooded into my mind, if I could do this….what else can I do?

In my business, in life and in love.

What else can I do?

Somewhere along the way, people had told me who I was.  What I should do with my life.  What I am good at and what I am not.  They told me who I am.

The worst part is that I believed them.

I let them define me.

I repeat, I LET them and that is bullshit.

In 2013, I went a six week road trip by myself.

In 2014, I traveled to Costa Rica and Italy and ran a retreat.

In 2015, I took 20 women on a cruise to Mexico.

This year, I went back to Costa Rica with 12 ladies, to Mexico with 42 and will be taking 12 to Greece in a few months.  Now, I am starting this site.

What else can I do?

I have my own fears.  Lots of them.  But I either let them control me and keep me in my comfort zone or I ask myself what I want to be and go after that.  No matter how uncomfortable.  Even in love.

The uncomfortable is always temporary but the success is forever.

What else can you do?


Journal the shit out of these questions.

What are you believing that others have told you?  Who are you letting define you?  After all that you have accomplished (which I promise you is a lot) , what else can you do?

How do you prove yourself and everyone around you wrong?